A conversation between local beauty and multiple mediums.

We are five women, from differing continents and backgrounds, deeply informed by our island home and the waters that surround it.  Our studios range from backyard structures to sailboats, but we are all inspired by what happens locally, outside of our creating space.  

Our West Coast, the unique visual displays of ocean and mountain, our lives lived in the blues and greens that surround, the myriad of botanical and aquatic inspirations – all will be explored through the eyes of five diverse artists.  

Marcela Strasdas is an Argentinian-Canadian oil painter of landscapes, still-lifes, and florals.  British born Andrea England lives on her sailboat in the inner harbour of Victoria, and each of her paintings shares the movement, tranquility and energy of life by and on the sea.  Ester Strijbos creates functional pottery heavily influenced by her Dutch background and time near the ocean, forest, and the silence of nature. Canadian Janet Anderson is an oil painter specializing in realistic botanicals nestled in a semi-abstract background.  French Canadian Sonia Lesage strives to create a line of functional pottery that is both simple and elegant, and that is reminiscent of West Coast landscapes.

In joining together we intend to foster a dialogue between this sense of place and our differing mediums: oil on canvas, watercolour on paper, and pottery.  Having our own voices speaking through our work, the exhibition will be an ongoing discussion of colour, form, line, and technique – all uniquely communicating our interaction and celebration.

Having a range of functional pottery, smaller painted works, and large scale paintings, we hope to attract multiple financial levels of art collection.  Filling the space with differing mediums and sizes will also create an exciting gallery experience for each participant.  We will have not only the walls covered with artwork, but also multiple plinths containing pottery.  

We also intend to have in-person interaction, through multiple demonstrations, an opening celebration, and by each of us rotating to sit the show.  We know this high engagement with the community will work to both add inspiration to our future work and enjoyment of the show itself.  

This show featured approximately 30 painted pieces, and 50 ceramic works.